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Held at the Shenzhen Haiya Grand Theatre, in Shenzhen, China on 30th October 2016

The Top 5

Manhunt International 2016 from SWEDEN – Patrik Biser Ivanov Sjoo

1st Runner Up from HONG KONG - Ba Te Er
2nd Runner Up from ENGLAND - Chris Bramell
3rd Runner Up from ANGOLA - Mauricio Eusebio
4th Runner Up from BRAZIL - Ramon Pissaia

The Top 16 Finalists Are:

SWEDEN: Patrik Sjoo
ENGLAND: Chris Bramell
ANGOLA: Mauricio Eusebio
BRAZIL: Ramon Pissaia
LEBANON: Zawil Bilal
GUAM: JON Kanemoto
VENEZUELA: Francisco Gil Riera
RUSSIA: Andrey Kharkovskiy
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Digno Guerrero Chalas
CHINA: Tian Ze Yu
SPAIN: Franciso Cortes
SLOVAK REPUBLIC: Kristian Kucera
THAILAND: Phiratthaphong Mooltribut
GERMANY: Marvin Kwane

The Special Awards

1. Mr. Photogenic: HONG KONG
2. Mr. Physique: SINGAPORE
3. Mr. Friendship: PERU
4. Mr Personality: VENEZUELA
5. Best Runway Model: GUAM
6. Best Perfomance: ANGOLA
7. Best Vigour: NEW ZEALAND
8. Best Commercial Model: MACAU
9. Best Asia Model: CHINA
10. Best European Model: GERMANY
11. Best America Model: DOMINCAN REPUBLIC
12. Best Charm: ROMANIA
13. Best Sunshine Smile: FERNANDO DE NORONHA
14. Best Image Representative: MONGOLIA
15. Best Fashion Model: HONG KONG
16. Best Sexy Model: DENMARK
17. Best Masculine Charm: CZECH REPUBLIC
18. Best Stage TV Movie Model: KOREA
19. Mr. Internet Popularity: THAILAND


For Immediate Release – August 2016

Alex Liu, International President of Manhunt International Organization has announced that Shenzhen, China will be the host city for the 2016 edition of Manhunt International.

The Manhunt International contest is the largest and longest running male modeling contest in the world and is franchised to more than 70 countries worldwide. It is opened to aspiring males between the ages of 18 to 35 years old and provides them with a platform to launch their international modeling career.

Since it was established in 1993, the contest has been hosted in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Korea and Taiwan, now it comes to Amazing Thailand which is a beautiful country with rich culture and traditions.

From 23rd to the 30th October 2016 more than 50 models from all over the world will converge on Shenzhen to compete for the coveted title of Manhunt International 2016. June Macasaet, Manhunt International winner of Philippines crown his successor on the 29th October 2016. The contestants will be judged in national costumes, Swimwear, Photographic and Eveningwear segments.


Sex: Male
Age range: 18 to 35
Marital status: Single or Married
Height: at least 1.80 m / 5'11"
Skills: speaks English , modeling experience
Additional attributes: photogenic, good physique (not bodybuilders), wonderful personality,
cool character, enthusiastic

Year Country Manhunt International Location Number of Entrants
2016 Sweden Patrik Sjoo Shenzhen, China 43
2012 Philippines June Macasaet Bangkok, Thailand 53
2011 China John Chen Jiang Feng Seoul, Korea 48
2010 Slovak Republic Peter Menky Taichung, Taiwan 50
2008 Morocco Abdelmoumen El Maghraouy Seoul, Korea 47
2007 China Jeffrey Zheng Yu Guang Gangwon, Korea 48
2006 USA Jaime Augusto Mayol Jinjiang, China 53
2005 Turkey Tolgahan Sayisman Busan, Korea 42
2002 France Fabrice Wattez Shanghai, China 46
2001 India Rajeev Singh Beijing, China 43
2000 Australia Brett Wilson Singapore City, Singapore 33
1999 Venuzuela Ernesto Calzadilla Manila, Philippines 43
1998 Sweden Peter Eriksen Gold Coast, Australia 34
1997 New Zealand Jason Erceg Singapore City, Singapore 38
1995 South Africa Albe Geldenhuys Singapore City, Singapore 35
1994 Greece Nikos Papadakis Gold Coast, Australia 24
1993 Germany Thomas Sasse Gold Coast, Australia 24

The winner of Manhunt international 2016 receives a cash prize, a modeling contract modeling portfolio and wardrobe and other prizes.

For any details on Manhunt International you may contact our Vice President of Licensing Mr.Jerome Too at jerometoo@ermworld.org
Manhunt International Organization
Thank You.



Winner - June Macasaet – The Philippines

1st Runner up - Peter Jonsson – Sweden

2nd Runner up - Martin Wang Yu-Tian - Macau

3rd Runner- up - Jimmy Perez Rivera – Puerto Rico

4th Runner - up - Jason Chee Pei Kun – Singapore

Remaining 10 Semifinalists

Colombia- , Jorge Leon Perez

Denmark- Alexander Bach

Dominican Republic- Joel Perez Nunez

Greece - Thomas Gabriel

India - Arry Dabas

Latvia - Ivans Jevstignejevs

Switzerland - Lavdrim Sylejman

Thailand - Mookkapon Posakabuth

United States - Andres Santa Giraldo

Venezuela - Jeyco Edgar Esteba Ruiz

Special Awards

Best National Costume: 1) Hong Kong, 2) Vietnam, 3) Venezuela

New Urban Male Award: Philippines

Best Runway Model: Latvia

Face of the Year: Puerto Rico

Mr. Physique: Macau

Mr. Photogenic: India

Mr. Personality: Bahamas

Mr. Friendship: Denmark (automatic advance to Top 15)

Mr. Internet Popularity: Singapore (automatic advance to Top 15)

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"Manhunt International 2011 winner John Chen on Singapore's Men's Health Feb 2012 cover"


Manhunt International 2011 is Chen Jian Feng from China

1st runner up is Nelson Sterling from Dominican Republic
2nd runner up is Gianni Sennesael from Belgium

3rd runner up is Truong Nam Thanh from Vietnam
4th runner up is Martin Smahel from Slovak Republic

Remaining 10 finalists

6th South Africa – Ryno Swanepoel
7th Australia – Joseph Davidson
8th Korea – Lee Yong Bum

9th Philippines – Marvin Miranda
10th Malaysia – Hazwan Hairudin
11th Ireland – Barry Holmes

12th Indonesia – Yohanica Januar
13th Mongolia –
Amgalanbaatar Odonggavaa
14th England – Roland Johnson

15th Hawaii – USA – Rhonee Rojas

Special Awards

Internet Mr. Popularity – Vietnam
Mr. Friendship – Australia
Mr. Photogenic – Costa Rica

Mr. Physique – Bulgaria
Best Runway Model – Hong Kong
Mr. Personality – Hawaii – USA

Mr. Talent - Korea

Best National Costume Winner – Indonesia

Best National Costume 1st runner up – Mexico

Best National Costume 2nd runner up – Venezuela

Manhunt International 2011 will receive US$ 25,000.00 worth of aesthetics treatment.